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Víctor del Corral wins the Ironman of Nice

Thanks to a spectacular marathon (2: 42: 29) he has climbed up positions and achieved victory in the race. Miquel Blanchart finished seventh in a great race.

Today, one of the most renowned Ironman on the international scene has been played, El Nice Ironman where Marcel Zamora had already achieved 5 times the victory and that with the victory of Victor del Corral becomes the Ironman with the most Spanish victories after the Ironman Lanzarote

In the list of exit we found Víctor del Corral , second in 2015 already Miquel Blanchart, that came from getting a great seventh place in the Ironman of Lanzarote, looking for points to qualify for the Hawaii World Championship. Among the favorites were Frederik Van Lierde, reappearing from a fracture, the German Michael Realert or South African James Cunnama.

The test began at 6: 45 in the morning where the first to emerge from the water were Robin Pasteur and Kevin Rundstadler, followed by a group led by Miquel Blanchart, Frederick Van Lierde and James Cunnama to 2: 20 from the head. Víctor del Corral left the water at 4 minutes from the head of the race.

During the hard 180 km cyclists, we could see a going up like the one that Victor has us used to. The first to arrive at the T2 was the French Bertrand Billard with 3: 40 of advantage over James Cunnama and 3: 11 over Víctor del Corral who arrived third in the transition. Miquel Blanchart finished the segment in eighth position.

During the first kilometers of the marathon, James Cunnama passed the test leaving behind Billard. However, a great Víctor del Corral proved that he was in a great moment of form and was climbing positions, leading the race in km 30. race and that got to have 1 minute of advantage on Cunnama.

In the last kilometers we could see an exciting duel since Cunnama was cutting distance to get to Meta almost together, however Víctor del Corral the victory with a final time of 08: 30: 00. followed by 35 seconds by was James Cunnama (8: 30: 35). The third to arrive was Stefan Schmind (8: 33: 18) and Frederick Van Lierde (8: 35: 26), who has shown everyone that he is recovered six weeks after his clavicle fracture, was climbing positions to reach the finish line in fourth position.

Miquel Blanchart with a large sector of the race on foot has shown that he bets strongly to be this year again in Kona and has finished in sixth position

Provisional classification

1 Del Corral, Victor 8:30:00
2 Cunnama, James 8:30:35
3 Schmid, Stefan 8:33:18
4 Van Lierde, Frederik 8:35:36
5 Vistica, Andrej 8:39:19
6 Blanchart Tinto, Miquel 8:39:41
7 Ouilleres, Gwenael 8:40:51

Female category

In the female category, Belgian favorites Tine Deckers (winner in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014) and the British Leandra Cave y Caroline Livesey where there was no Spanish representation in pro category.

The first ones to face the 180 km of cycling were Kate Comber and Leanda Cave who came out together. behind Emma Bilham, Andrea Mason, and Tine Deckers a minute away from the leaders.

With this victory Tine Deckers gets his fifth victory in the Ironman of Nice after the ones won in 2009,2010,2012 and 2014

From the first moment Deckers showed that he was very strong and he was climbing positions until reaching the head of the race at km 54. From there it was a recital for the Belgian who arrived at the T2 with 12 minutes ahead of Emma Bilham and 22 over Leanda Cave.

In the 42 km, carrea on foot Tine Deckers He managed to maintain the advantage over his pursuers to reach the finish line alone and achieve his fifth victory in the race with a final time of 9: 22: 04. The second classified was Emma Bilham (9: 28: 55). ). The third classified was Leanda Cave(9: 45: 06)

Deckers with this time has entered among the 20 first men of the general

Provisional classification

Deckers, Tine 9:22:04
Bilham, Emma 9:28:55
Cave, Leanda 9:45:06

Photo: @IRONMANlive

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