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Vitoria will not have IRONMAN 70.3

The City Council rejects the proposal to recover the test the day before the Ironman

We echo this news published by the newspaper Alava News, where they say that Vitoria will not have a middle distance test.

The capital of Alava will not finally have an Ironman 70.3, the brand's medium distance triathlon, despite the interest of the company and the organization in which it was held.

The Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council rejected the Ironman proposal for the set-up of the event, planned for the Saturday before Ironman main, to be held on July 12 of next year.

The entry of the multinational sports company in the Gasteiz triathlon has been a great boost for the test, which brought together 14 participants from all over the world on July 2.100. Nevertheless, the need for more resources for your organization has led to the elimination of medium distance triathlon, the most popular race among athletes from Alava due to its lower physical demand.

The intention of the organization was to do it on a different date

The intention of the company after the success of the first edition of the Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz was to celebrate an Ironman 70.3 on a date different from the main test, as it happens in Barcelona and Lanzarote. However, this was a problem due to the logistical difficulty of cutting traffic on the roads through which the competition runs, the fencing and the infrastructure of the finish line.

Therefore, the organization offered to hold the medium distance triathlon the day before the main event in order to use the same infrastructure for both races. However, the City Council estimates that this would mean "using twice as many municipal resources", since it would be "two days of traffic cuts, police and volunteer shifts."


The decision made by the technicians of Economic Promotion and Sports, as well as the departments of Sports, Economic Promotion and the mayor himself was a surprise for the director of the race, Eduardo Martínez, who on several occasions had been transferred the interest in recovering the middle distance test by the City Council. In fact, this was confirmed yesterday by the government team, which had been given until August 4 to respond to the organization.

“It was in our interest to celebrate the Half, thinking of the local athletes. Our proposal was to do it as it was done with the triathlon, the two races on the same day, but the organization has told us that they must take place on different days, ”they assured from the Consistory.

In addition, the organizers demanded that the economic contribution made by the institutions be doubled, something that the City Council has not accepted.

In any case, the municipal government recalls that in 2018 it was agreed "a sponsorship for three years, with an important institutional contribution and that it is absolutely guaranteed also for 2020." For Eduardo Martínez, therefore, a great opportunity is lost to have a proof of the popularity of the Ironman 70.3, something that will be especially accused by local athletes, the hospitality industry and shops.


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