Fight the cold in bike workouts

The most advisable is to "create layers", that is, it is preferable to wear several thinner garments than a single thicker one.

The winter months are very hard for cycling workoutsSometimes it is the rain and sometimes the cold that prevents us go pedaling during the preseason. However, you can follow the following guidelines to fight the cold and not lose more workouts.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the material suitable for cold. Once you have it, it is best to "create layers", that is, it is preferable to wear several thinner garments than a single thicker one.

 How to create the layers?

First layer

La first layer that will be in contact with our skin should be a breathable thermal shirt, so as to evacuate heat and sweat to avoid feeling cold

Second layer

La Second layer It is usually the usual jersey of each athlete, relatively fine and that also allows perspiration

Third Layer

La third layer it is usually for long sleeve garments thicker or waterproof if the day requires it, so as to make it difficult for cold air to enter and loss of body heat.

If you wear raincoat it is recommended that this type of garments have ventilation to avoid excessive sweating and thus dehydration

 All garments must be adjusted, since this will prevent the air from "straining" and increasing your aerodynamic coefficient.

 As for the legs, depending on the preferences you can use short or long culotte, both types of course specific for winter.

Although if the cold was not excessive, you can dress only with two layers and use sleeves and legs. Once you have warmed up you can easily remove them and store them in the jersey.


When it comes to feeling the cold, the feet and hands are very important parts for our thermal sensation and essential for cycling.

To protect your feet from the cold use winter socks and further overshoe or neoprene ankle boots.

For the hands you can use two pairs of gloves (being the thinnest ones below) or winter specific ones with anti-wind membrane.

Other tricks you can use

These tricks are remedies for contingencies, do not take them as a regular but as a resource in case of emergency:

  • El newspaper or magazine paper It is commonly used for descents, so placing it on the chest will prevent wind in that part and also absorb sweat from the area
  • In case of rain, soak your legs with oil It can help to “waterproof you” in front of her and mitigate the loss of heat in the muscle for it.
  • Plastic bags on the feet. If the weather has not allowed you to prepare properly, you can protect your feet with plastic bags over the socks.
  • Plastic gloves in the hands. Suddenly it has caught you colder than expected, stop at a gas station and take a pair of plastic gloves that will protect you from wind and rain
  • Use creams, gels or oils before leaving home to heat the most exposed parts, for example the legs if you wear short shorts

You already have the way to continue training the bike during the winter months, but if you are still one of those who do not tolerate the cold, you will always have the roller.

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes


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