BH launches a new range of bicycles, the BH RS1

The BH RS1 takes advantage of all the technological advances of the BH G8 Disc and adds a more comfortable geometry without losing performance.

BH presents a new family of road bikes born in the wake of the spectacular BH G8 Disc.

The new BH RS1 arrives on the market taking advantage of all the technology that has made the G8 Disc a benchmark in aerodynamics on all types of terrain and matching its impressive aesthetic line, with completely internal wiring and full component integration.

All experience gained in the aerodynamic development of the entire G series (Global Concept) has been moved to the new RS1.

The Kamm Tail concept has been used, which translates into tubes with a drop shape finished in a perpendicular cut that minimizes turbulence. All this applying the experience in computer analysis and fluid dynamics acquired in recent years.

This is how the first milestone of the BH RS1 is achieved: achieving high aerodynamic efficiency.

Two key points contribute in this section and, above all, in the aesthetic section. On the one hand, the implementation of 100% internal wiring.

There are no cables in sight on the BH RS1 thanks to the use of the ACR system, which also allows easy and comfortable maintenance. On the other, the use of a wedge-type saddle closure system completely integrated into the upper tube of the frame.

Both solutions mean remove elements that impair aerodynamic performance and they contribute to the BH RS1 line being clean and elegant, air flowing naturally even at high speeds.

Its own seatpost is used, following the same aerodynamic concept as the frame, with two configurations available. One straight and the other with 25mm backsweep, designed to meet all user needs.

Geometry, the differential value of the BH RS1

It is in the geometry where the BH RS1 acquires its own character. Despite its racing and aero image, the BH RS1 has been designed to convey, above all, comfort to its users.

If the aerodynamics and stiffness of the frame serve to achieve a great performance on the road, the applied geometry serves to make it a versatile bicycle to be used on all types of terrain and by a wider range of users.

It has designed a front higher than, Thanks to the use of an oversized head tube, it does not require the use of stems with special angles or a large number of spacers, maintaining the racing line that the entire bike has.

La rear has optimal dimensions to be reactive in all circumstances, characteristic of the entire BH range. 35.000 ways to personalize it

As standard the BH RS1 has 5 different decorations.

An important leap that, from the outset, already offers a wide aesthetic variety. But if you want a BH RS1 with your own color design you have at your fingertips 35.000 possible combinations thanks to the complete BH Unique customization program.

With its simple and intuitive online configurator you will be able to experience this entire universe of personalization and bring an exclusive product.

A bike full of details

The G8 Disc's design expertise is embodied in a multitude of other details that the BH RS1 has adopted. On the one hand the use ofs Hidden Quick Lever Hidden Lever Wheel Locks.

One way to have a manual opening system, without the need for tools, which is completely camouflaged in the wheel axle itself.

The BH RS1 frame is ready to use tires up to 30 mm, a fundamental aspect when it comes to increasing ride comfort and giving us extra safety.

The HCIM-Hollow Core Internal Molding manufacturing process is applied, bringing to life all of BH's high-end frames. It is synonymous with a frame without imperfections, a total thickness control and a perfect finish in all the points, keys to obtain a contained weight and a great rigidity.

It is precisely in the stiffness that the choice of a BB368EVO bottom bracket shell, It has a diameter of 86 mm allowing to create a more optimized down tube.

Another point that certifies the high performance of this frame is the approval by the UCI (International Cycling Union) for use in the best competitions on the professional calendar.

The BH RS1 range is made up of 5 models that share the same frame and fork and mounts to choose between mechanical or electronic groupset.


Specifications BH RS15.0
Specifications BH RS15.0

Its price

Their prices start from € 2.699 and go up to € 5.499 for the RS1 5.0 model

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