Mental training in a 5 x 1.000 by Gwen Jorgensen

This season Gwen Jorgensen Olympic champion in Rio 2016 and winner of the world championships in 2014 and 2015, she now faces the challenge of shining again at the Paris 2024 Games.

Despite the obstacles, his victories in four World Cup races in 2023 show that he still has quality and 2024 will be a crucial year in his career.

A few months before the classification closes, Gwen It is ranked 40th in the world ranking, with the additional challenge of having five compatriots ahead.

At 38 years old, Gwen immerses herself in a demanding training regimen that promises to be the key to her success.

The core of his preparation is a rigorous running program that includes a quality block of 5 sets of 1.000 meters.

This training, shared through her YouTube channel and social networks, not only reflects her physical commitment but also the mental strength that characterizes her.

"TheFeelings don't really matter, we can't control how we feel, so it's all about trying hard no matter how we feel. I wasn't expecting to feel good today, so it was nice to get out there and push myself hard.”Gwen comments in the video.

"It's about staying in the present moment, returning to what I'm doing at the moment because we often get distracted by what we're feeling, how many sets we have left or the ones we just did.

It is simply about focusing on what we are doing in the present moment.. "

The presence of Jason Patchell, your sports psychologist, is essential in this process. Jason not only physically accompanies her during her training, but also provides her with the mental strategies necessary to overcome the challenges inherent to elite competition.

"Gwen has created a plan that really motivates her and brings out the best in her, so my job today is to help her align some of the decisions and actions she will be taking in the training session with her larger purpose.” notes Patchell

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