ICAN Gandia Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with Record Number of Participants 

Take the 10th anniversary jersey

El ICAN Triathlon Gandia, one of the most anticipated events on the triathlon calendar, is about to close its registration for this year's edition.  

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the competition has reached a new record of participants, surpassing last year's figures. 

Record of Participants 

This year, Registrations have already reached 1.313 places, surpassing last year's record of 1.290 triathletes.  

This demonstrates the growing interest in this event, which has managed to maintain its appeal over the course of a decade. 

Distances and Modalities 

ICAN Gandia offers various distances and modalities to adapt to all skill levels.  

Among them are the medium distance tests (Half and Aquabike), the long distance tests (Full and Aquabike), and the Short distance. 

Test Distance
Full 3.8 km swimming, 184 km cycling, 42 km running
Half 1.9 km swimming, 82 km cycling, 21 km running
Aquabike LD 3.8 km swimming, 184 km cycling
Aquabike MD 1.9 km swimming, 82 km cycling
Shorts 1.5 km swimming, 41.6 km cycling, 7.25 km running

The 10th anniversary jersey 

In addition to the competition itself, the event offers a number of benefits for participants. 

 One of the most notable is the 10th anniversary jersey, designed by Austral y Deporbrands. 

This jersey will be given to all those registered in the Full, Half and Aquabike MD and LD categories. 

Registration Closing Date 

Registration for the event will close on October 8, so if you have not yet registered, now is the time to do so through their webpage 

The total limit of registrations for the test is 1.500 places.

Parallel activities

In addition to the competition, participants and their families will be able to enjoy live music, sports activities and a photo booth to capture memorable moments.

Technology and Monitoring

This year, the event will include a real-time tracking app, allowing family and friends to know exactly where each triathlete is during the race.

attractions of Gandia 

Gandía, the host city of the event, offers a wide range of tourist and sports activities.  

From its rich history and cultural heritage to its beautiful beaches, Gandía is the perfect place to enjoy a sports weekend with the family. 

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