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The new covid-19 restrictions in Catalonia How do they affect sport?

The measures come into force today Friday

Due to the new restrictive measures that the Government of the Generalitat has implemented to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some that affect the practice of sport

The General Secretariat of l'Esport has specified the following measures in the field of sport:

Obligatory closure of all sports centers, also private gyms

The opening to the public of the sports facilities and equipment is suspended.

How exception, they will only be able to opens centers for technology and high performance sports, both publicly and privately owned, and the sports facilities and equipment that must host professional, state and international training and competition.

All non-professional sports competitions are postponed

Is established postponement of all scheduled sports competitions be held in Catalonia during the period of validity of this resolution, with the exception of official competitions at the national, international and professional level, which must be held without public.

Training professional athletes, high level, high performance

 Professional athletes (when there is a labor or contractual relationship with the sports or similar entity), those who have the qualification of High Level and High Performance athlete and those assimilated at the State level can travel to go to exercise their activity and must bring the certificate.

 Those persons in charge of developing technical or essential functions (coaches) in training sessions, as well as those who carry out tasks related to the operation and maintenance of sports facilities and equipment, have the same consideration as the athletes described in the previous section.

Sports-related extracurricular activities are canceled

All extracurricular activities of a sporting nature outside the educational center are stopped.

They can only be held within the centre's facilities if the bubble group is maintained.

On the weekend you can do individual sports between neighboring municipalities

During the weekend, and despite the decreed municipal confinement, individual outdoor sports activities are allowed between neighboring municipalities.

When do the measures come into effect?

The new restrictions will take effect this Friday, once they are published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia (DOGC), and will be valid for 15 days.

The Government will support the clubs with a line of 10 million euros

To counteract the effect of these measures, the Government will make available to federated sports clubs a line of support of 10 million euros which will open in the next few days to compensate for their inactivity and help cover their fixed costs.

Source: sports newspaper


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