Anne Haug gets the second best time in a test of the IRONMAN franchise

Haug won with a chrono of 08: 31: 05, which places it as the second best official time of the franchise.

The third ranked last year in Kona Anne HaugHe has waited at the last moment to get his qualification for this year's World Championship.

For this, he only had to finish the test, but instead of just finishing it he has won the victory in addition to getting the best time in the IRONMAN franchise in the test played in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Haug won with a chrono of 08: 31: 05, which places it as the second best franchise official time.

It should be noted that the time achieved by Mellisa Hauschildt in the IRONMAN Texas 2018 It is official, but the distance was less than the standard since the cycling segment was approximately 177 kilometers instead of the usual 180, a fact that recognized the organization itself

Faster IRONMAN distance times

Position Trademarks Triathlete Competition
1 08:18:13 Chrissie Wellington Challenge Roth 2011
2 08:22:04 Daniela Ryf Challenge Roth 2016
3 08:26:18 Daniela Ryf Kona Ironman 2018
4 08:31:05 Melissa Hauschildt Iroman Texas 2018
5 08:31:32 Anne Haug Ironman Denmark
6 08:34:51 Caroline Steffen Ironman Melbourne 2012
7 08:37:36 Eva Wutti Ironman Copenhagen 2013
8 08:38:53 Mirinda Carfrae Challenge Roth 2014
9 08:39:24 Rebekah Keat Challenge Roth 2009
10 08:42:14 Carrie Lester Challenge Roth 2016

There are no previous results.

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