Gurutze Frades qualified for Kona 2019 for the fourth consecutive year

He has achieved for the fourth consecutive year the pass to the IRONMAN World Championship

After second place in yesterday's test, the Basque triathlete has obtained the pass for IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, where he will participate for the fourth consecutive time.

Yesterday, he delighted us with a recital in the marathon of IRONMAN South Africa, where he achieved a mark of 2:52:40, ranking as one of the best in IRONMAN history and the Slot For Kona completing the test in a time of 8:40:47. The test that had to be shortened in the swimming segment, going to 1,6 km in that segment.

This has been his third participation in the test where he was fifth in 2017 and sixth in 2018

Slots for Kona

In this test, 4 Slots were distributed for Kona, 2 in each category. Lucy Charles, winner of the race, just had to finish the race to get the pass to Kona, as well as Bart AernoutsDavid McNamee in the male category. Due to this the following athletes have obtained the pass to Kona:

  • Ben Hoffman (winner in male category)
  • Gurutze Frades
  • Annah Watkinson
  • Nils Frommhold
  • Maurice Clavel
  • Andreas Dreitz

Also note that both Eneko Llanos , who made a great fourth place, and Michael Weiss they were already classified in this race when competing

These have been the results of Gurutze in the IRONMAN World Championship

  • 24ª IRONMAN Hawaii World Championship 2018
  • 22ª IRONMAN Hawaii World Championship 2017
  • 33ª IRONMAN Hawaii World Championship 2016

This year we will have 3 Spanish in the test Eneko Llanos, Clemente Alonso (both classified in IM Arizona last year) and now to Gurutze Frades

More information about Gurutze on his website:

There are no previous results.

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