Gurutze Frades second in the IRONMAN South Africa and virtually classified for Kona

Guru with a spectacular marathon in 2: 52: 40 has trimmed 12 minutes in the race on foot to reach the second place

The Basque triathlete, has made a great performance getting a great second place in the test where the British Lucy Charles the victory has been won

After the victory in the men's test of Ben HoofmanWhere Eneko Llanos has achieved the fourth position came the turn of the women's test with a large professional poster.

In the water there were no surprises and although the swimming had to be cut due to bad weather and instead of 3,8 km 1,6 km was made. A sad news we published a few minutes ago where we received the news that 2 triathletes died in the swimming segment

 Lucy Charles came out in first position 8 seconds ahead of Lauren Brandon. Anna Ippacht was third but already 4:19 behind the race leaders. Gurutze Frades  It was eighth at 7:30.

In the cycling sector, the duo of Charles and Brandon remained in the lead, although Ippacht was gradually closing the gap behind him, passing through the 50 km checkpoint at 2:49. Guru still had options and was seventh at 10:00 at the head of the race. In the passage through km 90, the distance already dropped to 2 minutes and the trio was increasingly distancing itself from the chasing group of 3 units to 13 minutes with Anna Watkinson, Mareen Hufe and Guru who passed in sixth position but with Same time.

From this point Ippacht with a great pace on the bike was increasing its advantage to get with 3: 15 advantage over Brandon and Charles to the T2. Gurutze got off his fifth bicycle.

In the race on foot, the British Lucy Charles had no rival, and with an exemplary marathon was climbing positions to reach the leadership in the 10 kilometer of the sector and from there go solo for the victory.

Finally Lucy Charles He took the victory with a time of 08:35:32, revalidating the title won last year.

Gurutze Frades She was very solid throughout the race, climbing positions to reach fourth place in the first meters of the marathon, moving forward to the third classified Lauren Brandon, where she was gradually reducing her time to reach her on the 23 kilometer of the race and go back to secure the second place and get the pass for the World Championship in Kona.

Finally Gurutze Frades, has finished the test in second position and with a marathon in 2: 52: 40 to reach goal in 08: 40: 48 which means that he has achieved the classification for Kona (since there were 2 slots by category in this test) in which will be his fourth participation (2016,2017 and 2018). The third classified has been Annath Watkinson (08: 43: 19)

It has also been his best position in this test since he had been fifth in 2017 and sixth in 2018.

There are no previous results.

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