6 reasons to choose the ZYCLE Smart ZDrive roller

It is the direct drive roller of ZYCLE brand

The results of training cycling with a roller are clear and more and more users use this alternative to train during the months of bad weather, do sessions with a simulator or avoid traffic on the roads.

La brand Zycle it is one of the most positioned In this sector, the creator of Bkool rollers for years now markets them under her name.

Zycle has a Top Sales model, the ZPRO, perfect for most cyclists and triathletes.

The latest launch of the brand has been the rdirect drive odillo Smart Z Drive, which offers athletes to take one more step in their indoor training.

You can check the Difference between ZYCLE ZPRO and Smart ZDrive in this comparative

In this article we give you some reasons why you should choose a direct drive roller like the Smart ZDrive.


It is a direct drive roller

A direct drive roller does not use the bicycle wheel but is attached to the bike through the installation of a Cassete

Much more real sensations

Thanks to the Cassette that allows you to place the bike directly on the roller, you get more realistic sensations, less noise and more power with each pedal stroke.

It's quieter

By not having the tire friction with the resistance of a normal roller, if not the bike is directly integrated into the roller, most of the annoying noise is eliminated, ideal for not disturbing other cohabitants or neighbors

More power

In this type of rollers, much more power can be applied in each pedal stroke, The ZDrive supports up to 1.800 W. which makes a training more real and effective, since the load that you want to give can be controlled with a high degree of efficiency. the training.

It has data transition via USB

Most of the reels on the market have Bluetooth FTMS and ANT + technology to communicate the trainer with the simulators, but the ZDrive goes further and allows the connection via USB with the computer, so there will be no data loss during training .

If you are looking for maximum performance, this is your trainer

If you are an athlete who is looking for maximum performance in training, to have controlled all the data, to have real sensations in each pedal stroke, the Smart ZDrive is your option.

Thanks to its integration with the bike, it suffers less, you can control the power applied, the simulated slopes, etc.

Something that allows you to give 100% in training and then analyze the data and see how you progress in your performance.

You can find more information about both rollers on their website  https://zycle.eu/

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