Zycle Smart ZPRO vs Smart ZDrive Rollers Comparison

Zycle is one of the brands that have arrived with more force in the world of cycling rollers.

It is the brand that was behind Bkool rollers for years and after Bkool focused on its simulator Zycle It went on the market with various models that have become a reference for this type of device worldwide.

A clear example has been the Smart ZPRO, a top-selling roller both in our country and in the international market

You can consult in this article our Zycle Smart ZPRO review

The new ZDRIVE roller

A few weeks ago Zycle announced the launch of its new roller Smart Zdrive, with a direct transmission system, ideal for those looking for real sensations of the cycling training at home.

Comparison Zycle ZPRO - ZDRIVE

In this article we want to make a comparison of these two models to see how they differ and for what type of athlete they are indicated.

Comparison chart

Direct transmission DO NOT SI
Extra wheel needed SI Cassette only
Cassete N/A 8V to 11V
Wheel Compatible 20 ″ to 29 ''  26 "to 29"
Noise level 80% 20%
Real sensations 75% 95%
Power reached 1.200 W 1.800 W
Simulated slope 15% 20%
Compatible Zpower SI SI
Simulator compatible SI SI
Electrical consumption medium with
Bluetooth FTMS and ANT + SI SI
USB connection with PC DO NOT SI
Road bike SI SI
Mountain bike SI SI
Price range 449 € 699 €
Athlete level Low / medium Medium / High

Smart ZPRO Pros

  • Ease of assembly
  • Its price is more affordable
  • Noise is lower than other similar models
  • Transmission via Bluetooth FTMS and ANT +
  • Great value for money
  • Adapts to the demands of most athletes

Cons of the Smart ZPRO

  • It is advisable to have another wheel with special tires for the roller
  • The power that can be applied is somewhat lower than that of direct drive
  • At the maximum slopes of a port in a simulator it is not 100% real.

Smart ZDrive Pros

Smart Z Drive
Smart Z Drive
  • Being a direct drive roller, the sensations are much more real
  • As it does not have the friction and friction of the wheel, it is much quieter
  • Much more power can be applied (1.800 W) so the workouts can be of a high quality.
  • By having the ability to implement a lot of power, the simulated unevenness in the simulators increases, making this type of training much more real.
  • Being a direct drive roller (the bike is attached to the roller) it suffers less
  • Transmission via Bluetooth FTMS and ANT + and USB that avoids data transfer losses.
  • Ideal for those seeking maximum performance

Cons of the Smart ZDrive

  • Need for tools to remove / insert the cassette. (or take it to a mechanic)
  • You must have an extra cassette put on the roller
  • It is compatible with most of the changes, but it is necessary to review the list of supported models first.
  • Its price is higher

For what type of athlete is each roller recommended?

Although the two types of rollers are valid for all types of athletes, it is true that you can look for specific benefits and in that ZYCLE covers all the possibilities with these 2 models.

However, we want to give you some tips to know what type of roller is the one that best suits your needs, depending on the level and number of outings that are made on the bike.

Zycle ZPRO

Zycle ZPRO
Zycle ZPRO

If you are an athlete who makes 4 outings outdoors and uses the roller 4 to 10 times a month, with a low or medium initiation level, your ideal roller is the ZPRO, since it will cover most of the stocks



However, if the athlete does a more serious training, goes cycling 2-3 times a week or substitutes Outdoor sessions for Indoor with the roller, and does quality workouts at home, the ZDRIVE is undoubtedly the best option.

The ZDRIVE will give you that extra training bonus that thanks to the stability, the power achieved and the simulation that it can achieve, you will be able to give the maximum of the performance on the roller.

You can find more information about both rollers on their website  https://zycle.eu/

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