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The fastest Spanish triathletes in Ironman

After several weeks of work and research we have made the following article about the 10 best Spanish brands in Ironman.

When it comes to talking about brands and times in triathlon we always have to keep in mind that the distances are not homologated, but as a curiosity it seemed interesting for our readers to prepare this ranking with the 10 best brands of the 10 best triathletes. Only one brand per triathlete appears on the list, the best of each.

The fastest

In the female category the best brand corresponds to Gurutze Frades, in the Brazilian Ironman, she stopped the chronometer in a time of 9:01:00, being the first Spanish woman to drop from 9:15:00.

Gurutze has a time of 8: 40: 07 in the IRONMAN South Africa of 2019, but had to be cut in swimming just 1,6 km, so we have ruled it out

The second position in this ranking is for Virginia Berasategui, with 9: 15: 28 achieved in the Hawaii IM in 2009. Close the podium Saleta Castro, that in Ironman from Frankfurt 2016 achieved a time of 9:22:41.

In addition we also want to highlight the brand achieved by Ivet Farriols, in the Ironcat 2016 marked an Ironcat time, 9:34:20, a race she practically carried out alone, without references from other competitors.

Finally, although it is not top10, there is also a mention to Ruth Brito, who has the 11th Spanish brand 9:59:49 achieved in Vitoria 2016. To date, 2016 has been the year with the most sub-10h women in history, with 4 of the 11 Spanish women who have dropped from 10 hours in Ironman .

The fastest

For its part in the men's category, the best Spanish brand is Ivan Raña, in the Ironman of Klagenfurt in Austria 2014 with a time of 7: 48: 43 what they place as the 8th fastest triathlete in IRONMAN of all time.

The second position is for Víctor del Corral with 7: 53: 12 achieved in the Ironman of Florida and the third place for Eneko Llanos, with 7: 48: 43 in Ironman Vitoria in 2019.

Eneko is also the only Spanish who has dropped 3 times from 8h in Ironman and the Spanish with the most sub 8h20. If the ranking was only of brands in Ironman possibly Eneko would have 5 or 6 of the best times.

On the other hand, mention that the best brand on Spanish soil corresponds to Clemente Alonso, with 8:04:13 achieved in Barcelona 2014. Barcelona has been the triathlon where 6 of the 10 best IM marks have been achieved.

Finally we must also mention Jose Luis Cano, has the 11th best Spanish brand of all time with 8:23:04 achieved in Klagenfurt in 2010 when he was 43 years old.

TOP10 best Spanish brands in Ironman (Men)

Position Triathlete Brand Competition Year
1 Iva Raña 7:48:43 IM Austria 2014
2 Víctor del Corral 7:53:12 IM Florida 2013
3 Eneko Llanos 7:55:16 IM Vitoria 2019
4 Javier Gómez Noya 7:56:38 IM Cairns 2018
5 Gustavo Rodríguez 7:59:25 IM Kalmar 2019
6 Pedro Andújar 7:59:48 IM Kalmar 2019
7 Clemente Alonso 8:00:42 IM Arizona 2014
8 Miquel Blanchart 8:02:03 IM Barcelona 2017
9 Hektor Llanos 8:11:36 IM Frankfurt 2008
10 Richard Calle 8:15:30 CH Barcelona 2013

TOP10 best Spanish brands in Ironman (Women)

Position Triathlete Brand Competition Year
1 Gurutze Frades 9:01:00 IM Florianapolis 2017
2 Virginia Berasategui 9:15:28 Hawaii 2009
4 Casstro Saleta 9:22:41 Frankfurt 2016
3 Iver Farriols 9:34:20 L´Ampolla 2016
5 Helena Herrerno 9:37:25 CH Barcelona 2013
6 Anna Rovira 9:41:06 CH Barcelona 2015
7 Ana Casares 9:41:06 CH Roth 2014
8 Cristina Ramirez 9:45:47 IM Barcelona 2016
9 Immaculate Pereiro 9:50:37 CH Roth 2006
10 Maribel Blanco 9:52:00 IM Hawaii 2002

To conclude, we want to invite readers if there is any error in the ranking and we are missing a triathlete who do not hesitate to write to us to solve it, since there are many races and many athletes. Thank you.

NOTES: Saleta Castro has a better time of 9:19:32 in the 2013 Cozumel Ironman but this race had a 3000m swim. For his part, Eneko won the Melbourne IM with 7:36:08 also in 2013, but the swim was only 1500m.

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