Sports and social success in the first adventure of the Oceanman International Circuit in America

The race, third of the circuit, brought together 300 amateurs and professional swimmers in a competition followed by thousands of spectators.

Oceanman conquer America. The island of Cozumel already appears with golden letters in the history book of the circuit as the first American headquarters of a competition that is still in full expansion.

The framework of the Caribbean Sea and the warmth and hospitality of the Mexicans turned the third test of the circuit into an unforgettable day for participants and organizers. So much that Oceanman is already thinking about next year's edition, in which it is intended that the Mexican headquarters be the bridgehead to extend the circuit through Latin America.

In the competitive section, more than 300 swimmers met in the event, with overwhelming superiority of Mexican competitors, overwhelming majority, where there were some illustrious swimmers and Olympic past.

In the queen race, of 10 kilometers, that passed in the north direction of the island, Fernando Betanzos of Quintana Roo won with authority, with a time of 2: 14: 02, followed by José Luis Prado, of Yucatán, and César Corona, from Querétaro. In women, the triumph went to the prestigious Mexican triathlete Anahí León, from Veracruz, with a time of 2: 43: 39, followed by Patricia Kohlmann, (Mexico City), almost 12 minutes, and Ruth Nivon (Quintana Roo).

In the Half Oceanman category, the male winner was Jovany Beltrán, from Yucatan, with a time of 1: 13: 10. Rodrigo de los Cabos Mancebo, from Hidalgo, entered the finish line more than three minutes ago, and the third place went to Darío Contreras, also from Yucatán. In women, the victory was for Jessica Luna, from Edo, Mexico, with a time of 1: 19: 44, followed more than five minutes by Alejandra Patrón and Adriana Patrón, both from Yucatán.

There was also a popular 1,5 competition that covered the water for young people and veterans eager to share the Oceanman experience in a privileged environment such as that offered by the island of Cozumel.

The competition was attended by the first authorities of the area, such as the municipal president, Fredy Marrufo, in charge of giving the start to the tests, the Director of Sports and Youth Care, Erick Villanueva, and the Sports Ambassador, Carla Moo

At the end of the competition, Fermín Egido, director of the competition, guaranteed that Oceanman would return to America next year with the firm will to perpetuate itself. "Cozumel is the head of a project to expand throughout Latin America and bring the Oceanman experience to more and more corners of the world," he said.

The top ten finishers in the Oceanman and Half Oceanman races in Cozumel, both men and women, have achieved the automatic classification for the final of the circuit, which will be played at the 16 in October in Benidorm, where the world titles of each of the categories.

After the competition held in Cozumel, the circuit will return to Spain to dive into the waters of the island of Tabarca (September 11), another privileged enclave and nature reserve in the Mediterranean.


  • Island of Tabarca, 11 September
  • Benidorm, 16 October


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