Adidas presents miCoach for Android system

The German company launched its new personal training system with online support to monitor physical activity. Adidas MiCoach consists of a three-part team that serves so that everyone who enjoys doing training activities can have a control about their daily routines.

The device consists of a pulse monitor with a strap that is attached to the chest, a pedometer that attaches to the shoes for post the steps and a receiver called Graze that receives all the data and that can be held in the clothes or hooked on the arm by a cloth bracelet.

  • The MiCoach Pacer It has a weight of 22,9 grams and the dimensions are 56 millimeters long by 41 width 16,75 thickness.
  • El pulse monitor It has a weight of 19,5 grams (not counting the holding strap) and the dimensions are 63 millimeters long by 38 wide and 10,5 thick.
  • El pedometer (or speed sensor) has a weight of 9 grams with the clip to attach it to the shoe and the dimensions are 45 millimeters high by 29 in width and thirteen in thickness.
  • El pulse monitor es resistant to the water and supports an immersion of up to one meter.
  • The three parts of the device have a wireless connection that works up to a maximum of two and a half meters away from each other.
  • The Pacer has a headphone jack and USB port to connect it to a computer or a USB player.
  • El Adidas MiCoach has two modes of operation: free training or through a downloadable regime to the Pacer that informs the routine to be performed.

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