Eneko Llanos 3º in the Xterra World Championship

El triathlete sponsored by BH has taken third place in the Xterra World Championship of Maui. Llanos it has only been surpassed by the Austrian Michael Weiss, winner of the test, and the South African Dan Hugo, second.

The race has comprised of 1,5 kilometers of swimming, 29,5 kms of mountain bike and 9,8 kms of running race.

The Alavese athlete has made a great World championship, forgetting what happened a few weeks ago in Hawaii. His third place in the general classification has come from the regularity shown by the man from Vitoria in the three segments.

In this way, Eneko has left the waters in ninth place, with a record of 21:54. He has also set the ninth best time in the bike section with his new BH Lynx, his time in that sector being 1:21:47, and he has also maintained the ninth best time in the running section, accumulating a time end of 02:28:26. Weiss has completed the test in 02:27:00, and Hugo in 02:27:33.

Eneko's satisfaction after entering the finish line has been enormous, as he has recounted on his website: “This podium, after Kona, tastes like glory to me. It has been a hard day and suffered, but above all I have enjoyed the race like never before, feeling competitive again, fighting with my rivals... the Xterra has always given me a lot, and this time it has been no less" , he has confessed.

All the results can be found at this address:http://www.jtltiming.com/results/x-maui11.html

Source: bhtriathlon.com

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