Garmin Swim, the sports watch for swimmers

If someone had to get a complete swimmer's watch, that could only be Garmin, specialist in GPS navigators for all kinds of situations and sports. The Garmin Swim is the result of many pleas from fans and something else living in the pool.

This watch is of course waterproof, and its main mission is to collect and offer the swimmer data as valuable as the time we have been training, the calories burned with our activity, the pace and even the strokes we have given.

With an estimated autonomy of one year, the athlete only has to worry about doing his lengths and forgetting to record his training data anywhere, because the Garmin Swim watch collects it and allows it to be analyzed later on the computer.

If you've dared to jump into the pool for more than just splashing or cooling off, the Garmin Swim is priced at $ 150 and is currently sold only in the US.

More information | Garmin.

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