What happens when it seems that everything is invented? NEW COMPRESSPORT CARRIERS

It is not only technology that advances by leaps and bounds. Compressport, the leading Spanish brand in sports textiles and tireless to develop new products that improve the quality of the athlete in training, competition and recovery, has designed a new Carrier with the medium and long distance triathlete in mind.


Compressport has products of great recognition in the world of Triathlon, such as compression and recovery socks and that have also been endorsed by recognized triathletes such as Marcel Zamora, Victor del Corralm, Xavi Llobet and Roger Roca, among others.

What makes you different? This carrier has specific spaces (portageles), where to place the gels in competition as well as three anchoring hooks for the numbers. Their auctions are perfectly sewn, so they do not produce any kind of chafing during the competition.

If you want more information about this product, you can find it at: http://estore.compressport.es/epages/259971.sf/es_ES/?ObjectPath=/Shops/259971/Products/AC004-RACEBELT/SubProducts/AC004-RACEBELT-0001

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