X-Sauce introduces Eco Lube, its wax-based lubricant

X-Sauce, the new image of Sincámaras, has expanded its catalog with a new line of lubricant products.

The Eco Lube of X-Sauce is the first lubrication product that launches the Spanish brand. It consists of an emulsion of selected waxes and improved with PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as Teflon).

After application, the result is a dry, clean and silent but lubricated chain, which the user can touch and handle without staining.

A clean transmission system is also achieved that prolongs its duration, since it prevents premature wear due to the sandpaper effect caused by the oils when mixed with dust and dirt.

It should be noted that Eco lube must be applied to the clean and dry chain, and any previous oils should be previously removed by washing the chain with soap and water or degreaser.

The new wax lubricant Eco Lube is now available in specialized stores through its Esteve Bicycles dealer.

More information in http://www.x-sauce.com/es/ecolube.html

Source: esciclismo.com

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