BSim incorporates sessions with real video

By the end of August BKOOL will incorporate a more quality jump to its revolutionary team: Stages with real video.

With the new sessions of BSim you will have the possibility to go through your favorite circuits recorded in a subjective way by a cyclist so that you can see the route at the same time you do it with your BKOOL team. Stages of the great rounds, championships of Spain, the circuits of the main triathlons, the best known cycle routes or the most beautiful bike lanes of our country. These stages do not need to be downloaded to your computer, since they will be viewed from the internet via streaming.

The user can also choose between two ways of performing the stage. At fixed time, in which the BKOOLer will see the session at the speed at which the video was recorded, regardless of its speed; or at fixed distance, in which the speed of reproduction of the video will be the one that the BKOOL user is at each moment on his bicycle.

BKOOL thus achieves a further leap in the motivation of the cyclist whatever his objective. BKOOL reproduces reality, now with real video you can live it.

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