Triconsejos by Aimar Agirresarobe

The Basque trialteta gives us its best advice to improve in each of the disciplines of triathlon



Name: Aimar Agirresarobe Lizarra

Club: TTT (Tolosaldeko Triatloi Taldea)

Sponsors: Mahala (natural products), Cipollini, Rudy Project, Zoot, Maxs'System, 226ers, Tuga


Most representative results:

  • 1º Bilbao Triathlon 2013
  • 2º Triathlon Zarautz 2013 (duathlon)
  • 3º Cpto. Spain LD 2013 (Ironman Calella)
  • 3º Cpto. Spain MD 2011 (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
  • 3º 1 / 2 ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz 2014
  • 1º 1 / 2 ironman Empuriabrava 2014


3 tips to improve swimming

- Be constant

- Work hard and press with demanding rhythms (work uncomfortable rhythms)

- Swim with the mind set on the technique for which we have not been swimmers


3 tips to improve cycling

- Work high / low frequencies on climbs and plains

- Train alone and punctually in a group

- Do not obsess about the ports and also work force in plain


Aimar Aguiresarobe


3 tips to improve the walking race

- Perform pre-season technical sessions

- In the series do not rest standing but trotting or rolling (fartlek type)

- Try to train punctually with athletes who can take a little point over you


Tell us some curious anecdote that happened to you.

I remember when I started with this triathlon, in my first triathlon it could not go worse. I forgot the bike shoes at home and had to turn around to catch them halfway. Once in the pits, a friend had to leave a neoprene that never came and I had to swim bareback in May in Gorliz (Vizcaya), imagine how cold.


Once this happened, on the bike I played (I have never played again in competition) and I had to change the camera and as always, on foot suffering. Even after all that, I did not doubt that I wanted to continue with the triathlon since it was a sport that I was passionate about and still passionate about.


Objectives for the 2015 season

After a not very good start to the season, I reconsidered the objectives without obsessing with the results.

- The most important to recover to the 100% of the injuries that brought me the bike crash last year (still drag discomfort in the Achilles that lead to other injuries)

- After the recovery, the intention is to return to feel the good feelings and confidence in the race on foot. From there, what has to come will come if I feel comfortable with myself.

- I would like to be in the championship fight, etc. struggling with professionals (or close to them ...)



TW: @aimartri

FB: Aimar Agirresarobe


Photos: Aimar Agirresarobe Networks

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