Triconsejos by Fernando Alarza

This week in our "Triconsejos" section it is the turn of the recent winner of the Spanish Absolute Triathlon Championship and Sub 23 Fernando Alarza. We hope you like it:


Name: Fernando Alarza Vicente

Club: . Wall Triathlon Club

Club France: Sartrouville

Club Germany: Ejot Team




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Most representative results: Junior World Champion 2010 and 4º Elite Sprint Triathlon World Championship




3 tips to train better:

Everyone will have a preferred method of training; But my three tips to train better and see the result of good training is:

  • The constancy
  • The sacrifice
  • The day-to-day issue.


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

  • Elastic rubber bands
  • Vaseline or oil
  • Powders of talcum powder.


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

  • Hydrate
  • Regulate your strength
  • Do not lose concentration


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

  • Make a little trot
  • To hydrate
  • To stretch


Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

Surely many anecdotes have occurred to me; but each race leaves you with something to learn and something with which the next day you will be a little better.

To me in particular an anecdote that taught me not only in the competition but also in life was when I traveled with Josemi Pérez to Yokohama. We were both alone, in a totally unknown place for us, with no possibility of internet, without knowing anything about the place ...

It was a very intense day and we learned everything, even something Japanese. It was an achievement to understand with those people, a totally different culture, and the language you can not imagine. In spite of everything we learned to develop well and it even gave us some regret to return. A funny anecdote was the two days we went to look for the pool: the first one we went running, we thought it was close; but for nothing it was very far away and to top it off after finding the pool it was closed! Well staying with the good we knew where the training pool was and the next day we would go by subway.

Of course in the metro there was no one to understand anything and as a consequence we got lost, but we managed to get there and be able to swim. We thought we already had everything under control to be able to train, and as soon as we got back from the pool they told us in the official hotel that the training pool changes and that the new one is on the other side of Yokohama, it could not be !!!!! What comes to do uni for training!


Objectives 2012-2013:

Now the main objective I have in mind is the U-23 World Championship, although I will also compete in the last round of the French Grnd Prix with my team, Sartrouville and compete in the Garmin Triathlon in Barcelona.


Further information:

Networks (FB / TW): FACEBOOK: Fernando Alarza Vicente

TWITTER: @Fernando_Alarza


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