Triconsejos by Marina Damlaimcourt

This week in our section of "Triconsejos" is the turn of the Olympic Triathlete Marina Damlaimcourt that offers us some valuable advice when facing a triathlon.


Name: Marina Damlaimcourt


Club: Bicycles Morenito


Web / Blog:


Sponsors: Oakley, New Balance, Orbea-Orca, Powerbar, Autric


Collaborators: Town hall of Collado Villalba, Bicicletas Morenito




Most representative results: Spanish Triathlon Champion 2008

  • 6ª CTO Europe of triathlon 2011
  • 3ª Huatulco 2011 World Cup
  • 4ª Ishigaki 2011 World Cup
  • 24 Olympic Games London 2012




3 tips to train better:

  • Water: Forget about the times and pay close attention to the sensations in the water and the technique. If we are able to swim well and relaxed, we will swim faster for sure.
  • Cycling: Take a good position on the bike and also be comfortable. We will avoid injuries and we will be able to train more and better.
  • Running: Respect the mild days and do varied training, technique, hills and strength, long and short series ... if we always train the same we will never improve. And also work complementary exercises to avoid injuries, gain strength and run faster


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

  • Water: Some spare glasses.
  • Cycling: sunglasses, rubber bands for transitions, and of course the bike and shoes.
  • Race on foot: slippers with elastic laces


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

  • Water: look from time to time forward to orient yourself and see a bit the race situation. Being attentive to cuts and knowing where you are going, orienting yourself well .. is as important as swimming fast. Sometimes nothing better than one that is well placed and knows how to swim in a group, than one that only knows how to swim fast.
  • Cycling: Eat and drink during the race.
  • Race on foot: Drink something or cool off if it is very hot.


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

  • Eat and drink to recover as soon as possible
  • Release a bit soft on a bike, swimming or running.
  • To stretch



Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

Almost always I forget the dorsal ribbon to run in national tests, because in the international is not necessary. And I end up hooking the number on a shoelace with which I do not run.

Once I forgot the running shoes at the hotel. I realized in the pits and the hotel was far away, so I ran with the ones I was wearing, with the laces a little loose and ready.

I'm pretty clueless and if I prepare things quickly I almost always forget something.


Further information:

Networks (FB / TW): YES, Marina Damlaimcourt Uceda (facebook), @Damlaimcourt (twitter)

Web / Blog: www

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