Triconsejos by Ricardo Hernández

Ricardo Hernández is one of our best international triathletes




Name: Ricardo Hernández Marrero

Home: Tenerife

Club: Club Tri-Pentas de Lugo

Coach: Javier Chavarren

Sponsors: Pinarello, Mavic, Sportlast by Medilast, Tenerife 100% Vida and Tenerife Bike Center.

Best 2015 competition: 2º Asian Cup in Osaka (Japan)

Tell us some curious anecdote that happened to you this year:

This year, for example, Melina and I were traveling to China to run a Premium Asia Cup. When we got to China, our two bikes broke down on the journey.

It was a very nervous morning, because the closest bike shop was 350km away. Luckily, we found a mechanic who was able to fix them with some fixes. The fixes allowed us to run and they broke again just as we picked up the transition bikes after racing… for a few minutes! haha

A friend in triathlon: Muchos

Preferred Rival: (Who else would you like to compete with?): With Javier Gómez Noya, because it is a great motivation.

Objectives for the 2016 season: Mainly make a good paper internationally.

Tips to improve swimming: 

- Work the speed to get well positioned to the first buoy.

- Learn to go well on foot.

Tips to improve cycling:

- Recognize the circuit a day before to see which are the hardest areas and remove uncertainty.

- Upload progressive ports.

- Learn to be relaxed on the bike when going in a group and not spend unnecessary energy.

Tips to improve the race on foot:

- Work force on slopes.

- Make the progressive shootings.

Triathlon that you have not been able to run yet and would like to participate sometime:

Triathlon Zarautz.


Twitter: @RicardoHdeztri

Facebook: Ricardo Hdez Marrero

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