The hour of the siesta by Felipe Gutiérrez "From Águilas"

Felipe Gutiérrez speaks to us this week from Águilas, the triathlon city

This week, like many people, we look for a place to be well, to rest or simply to change airs.

I am Asturian, I live in Madrid and this week I am in Águilas, one of my favorite places to live, to rest or simply to spend a few days.

Obviously it is also a place where you can come with a group of triathletes and spend this holy week training, preparing triathlons, doing club and where the coexistence among the triathletes makes that everyone can feel those training sensations that they usually do not have on the day day of any week of the year.

Here we are able to train well, run, swim in the sea, go cycling, and also enjoy its athletic track among other things.

Águilas is one of the paradises for training, I remember more than 25 years ago when I first came to a triathlon and I think that every year I return. It is a city of TRIATHLON with capital letters and I hope to keep coming for many years.

Here between training and training gives me time even to give me that "little nap" that in Madrid I do not quite achieve.

Today my nap time I write it from the terrace of the hotel D. Juan, where they treat us as if we were family.

This week I park all the "embolados" where I'm stuck: daily training from early in the morning, the different problems and approaches of the Madrid Triathlon Km0 and of course I also try to forget about the project to prepare the possible candidacy for Fetri.

But only for this week since it is the week "of love, understanding", etc ...

Next week we will return ...

In Águilas we have time to live as if we only dedicate ourselves to training, almost like "pros", that is if there is a lot of time to do meters, kilometers and it shows, at least they notice it.

Training in eagles

The truth is that work with the sport of sports patron of Águilas has always been unbeatable, what more could you ask for?

We have a few days left, until Sunday and we hope to continue enjoying Águilas, the trainings, the triathlon and the aquilines that among them we have some friends.

It is clear that we will continue to come here, it is like "our house".

This is a vacation, so I will not write any more, I will do it when I return to Madrid.

See you next week

Felipe Guiérrez

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